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Our tutor is a life coach who speaks the language of maths.


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It was Albert Einstein who said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - and Pushpita took it to heart.

She believes, to be an effective teacher you have to first understand the student. Understand their way of thinking and then provide an explanation that makes sense to them. Simple, precise and relevant.

Our coaches bring their wisdom and life skills to the table. They are trained in the Math Minds Rapid Learning Techniques. It so happens that they also enjoy Maths and speak the language fluently. Our students come with varied interests, and it is through exploring the World of Mathematics that we ignite their hopes and dreams.

With her double Master's Degree in Mathematics and Chemistry, Pushpita is as comfortable having a discussion, with a six year old as with a professor, on any topic that appears on this map.

As an ex-president of the Parent Teacher School Council, she understands the curriculum driven education system in Australia. As a parent she has guided her two sons, who both graduated from the prestigious select school, Melbourne High, followed by scholarships in Melbourne and Monash Universities. Most importantly she has been able to share her wisdom and replicated the success stories with so many of our Math Mind families.

Pushpita is an MBA graduate and has spent, what seems like a lifetime in leading Global Corporations in senior management roles. To fulfil her life's purpose, to help people, she chose to go back to studies and practiced as a qualified Naturopath. However it was her joy for learning, persevering, and striving for excellence that brought her back to her roots as a Coach in Math Minds.

The satisfaction of seeing a student's eyes light up and enjoy the learning experience, led to her developing the Math Minds Rapid Learning Capsule™. This is evidenced in the hand picked coaches, the physical space, the teaching tools and everything that is Math Minds. 

Her true success however, lies in the stories that our coaches, students and their families tell.

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