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There are four broad types of offerings in the market and each of them achieves different outcomes.

Type of Offering Best Suited For General Teaching Style
Private Outliers (Extreme Gaps or Far Ahead) See how I solve this
Organised Class Focused, Attentive, Self Deciplined Keep up with what I teach
Personalised Sessions Interested in Improving Let's do this together
Online Motivated Self-Learner You can review the material

Sage on the Stage

Both, the organised class and online teaching are examples of a Sage on the Stage. Students are expected to keep up with the class. Those ahead of the class or lagging behind are at a great disadvantage. While most good tutors will endeavour to personally address this, they are restricted by the need to cover a topic in a finite time and keep moving on. 

This is a repetition of the school experience. If that is not working in the first place you don't want to repeat this. If you feel attending a class, that keeps progressing, is a good motivator to practice on your own, between sessions, then this maybe an option for you. 

Guide by the Side

Private one-on-one or Personalised Sessions in a group are good examples of a Guide by the Side. While this is a different experience from school, it is very dependant on the Guide and the system followed.

Most Uni students who give private tuition, do so because they did well in the subject and want to earn some extra pocket money ($20-$50 per hour). They know how to solve the problem but may not be the best at explaining their thinking. Worse still, they have no idea what erroneous connections their student is making in the head, given the previous gaps in the student's knowledge.

This, quickly becomes a demonstration of the Tutor's problem solving skills. The student is often left feeling "My tutor is sooo good, Maths is just not for me!" or "I just have to remember that formula. OMG! My brain can't hold any more!" 

There are talented tutors in this cohort who do an exceptional job of understanding the student first, and then tailor their lesson accordingly. Most do this out of a passion for the subject and/or making a difference in someones life. They are sought after, hard to find and their tuition rate at $110-$150 an hour is a reflection of the value they deliver.

More than just Maths

At Math Minds, we believe Maths is not a spectator sport. We provide a proven, personalised, one-on-one, differentiated learning system at a fraction of the price. Not just another worksheet or pre-packaged lessons. Our Math Minds Rapid Learning System in the hands of the right person provides a proven solution again and again.

We are delighted when our students tell us, they apply the same mind set and learning techniques to other subjects and see the success.

Your Next Step - Book an Assessment.

Our Year 10 and VCE assessment is conducted in the setting of a family chat, as everyone plays a vital part in the student's success. We recognise we have very limited vacancies and may not be the right choice for you. So this is a no obligation one hour meeting where you get to meet us and we the student with their parents. We will be the first to suggest alternates best suited for the student, if we feel we are unable to add value.

Our Assessments are held as follows:

Location Day Between
290 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North Friday 4:00pm and 7:00pm
2- 4 White Horse Road, Blackburn Saturday 1:00pm and 4:00pm

Just click here to book a time that works best for you. We will revert with a confirmation!

Come relaxed to enjoy the experience.

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